Hi, I’m Toni and welcome to the Toni Freeman's Fabulous Style Academy and my first course, '7 Steps to Becoming the Most Stylish, Confident Version of YOU!'

I’ve been a fashion stylist and personal shopper for nearly 10 years and have worked with hundreds of clients over the years. I’ve learned A LOT about fashion and style but, more importantly, I’ve learned a lot about how a woman’s confidence dramatically effects what she wears and also her relationship with getting dressed each day.

So many women are so hard on themselves because they feel like they SHOULD be able to dress themselves and they SHOULD look stylish every day. I mean, we’re bombarded with style inspiration and fashion trends everywhere we look and the fashion industry has never had a bigger or better selection OR has been more affordable and accessible. Surely it can’t be that difficult to look like a page from Vogue every day, right?

In fact, what I've found is that women have NEVER been more confused about fashion, shopping, getting dressed and most importantly, about their own individual style; they feel at a complete loss and have spent a fortune copying every celebrity look or buying outfits that look great on other people but just DON’T reflect their own personality.

When I work with personal styling clients, they are always quite apologetic about the fact that they struggle with what to wear or feel guilty about the fact that they wear the same thing time and time again or have had emotional breakdowns staring into their wardrobes (packed full of clothes) saying to themselves, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!”

The reason I decided to design this course is because I constantly have women contacting me through social media or even in person telling me that they’d love to work with me but follow it up with, “as soon as I… lose weight/tidy my wardrobe/get a promotion/get my roots done/as soon as the kids start school/after summer/after Christmas…” etc, etc

A lot of the time though, it’s actually not about any of this stuff; what they actually mean is, “ as soon as I feel a bit more confident and I’m willing to put myself out there and commit to change.” 

And I get that people put up barriers to success/change, BELIEVE ME, I absolutely get it!

Because that was me. I always wanted to work in fashion because I loved putting outfits and moodboards together but I always came up with excuses such as “I’m not skinny enough to be stylish (because growing up in the nineties when heroin-chic and rib cages were fashionable was NOT the greatest era) or “there aren’t any jobs in fashion in South Carolina” or “who is going to care about what I have to say…” etc but what I actually meant was “I’M SCARED TO TRY IN CASE I GET IT WRONG AND PEOPLE LAUGH AT ME!” Because we’ve all had that thought at one time or another, right?

So, like I said, I totally get it when people give themselves excuses about why NOW isn’t the right time to be stylish. How NOW isn’t the right time to feel better about themselves. How NOW isn’t the right time to feel more confident within themselves. 

But I’m here to tell you that NOW is ABSOLUTELY the right time to feel great about yourself. Because life is far too short to put off social occasions because you don't have anything to wear. 

It might sound like I’m being completely overly dramatic (of many things in life, there is a degree of truth to that) and that I’m trying to convince you that the ‘right dress or pair of shoes will change your life’… but the CONFIDENCE you gain from wearing a dress or outfit or pair of shoes you would never had the confidence to wear before actually WILL change your life… and for the better! 

It always surprises me when people who have only known me a short period of time or only know me through social media describe me as confident because if you knew me as child or teenager you would know that I was anything BUT confident back then. 

So why do people describe me as confident now? Because I DRESS as if I’m confident! And do you know what? Dressing as if I’m confident actually GIVES me confidence.

As a stylist, NOTHING makes me happier or prouder than when I see the transformation of a client who used to shy away from even coming out from inside a changing room to a confident woman who whips the curtains back and practically struts to the mirror because they feel AMAZING about how they look! I feel like a proud mother when I get sent selfies from clients who can't wait to show me their new outfits. And not just because they look great but because I know the massive impact it makes on their lives. 

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